Just Read It: Literally Dead by Lois Winston

“After her last disastrous episode as an amateur sleuth, Gracie Elliott is back. The budding romance writer has spent the past year crafting her first novel. Her hard work and determination pay off when her manuscript wins the Cream of the Crop award, a contest for unpublished writers, sponsored by the Society of American Romance Authors. …”

Just Read It: Putting on the Witch by Joyce and Jim Lavene

“With their coven’s spell book still missing, Molly and Elsie—along with their ghostly friend Olivia, her daughter Dorothy, and her boyfriend Brian—are all on edge, especially now that Dorothy’s infamously wicked father is back in the picture. So when they receive an invitation to an exclusive Witches Ball, the ladies jump at the chance to dress up and have some fun. …”

Book Review: Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie

A mysterious killer who calls himself The Artist is assassinating wealthy lawyers in San Francisco. When war veteran Jake Wolfe accidentally takes his picture during a murder, The Artist adds Jake to his kill list and he becomes a target in a deadly game of cat and mouse that only one of them can survive.

Book Review & Giveaway: Murder Under The Covered Bridge

Work on a television taping to promote the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival, is interrupted by gunshots and Francine’s cousin William stumbling down the riverbank followed by a man with a gun. William sustains life-threatening injuries, but is it homicide?

Summer Reading List: 10 Classic Series For Teens

Here are ten classic book series that every teen should read at least once in their life. I will admit to not reading all of them in my teens, but only because there wasn’t a super cool internet blogger to tell me they were out there.

Book Review: Being A Captain Is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story

Title/Author: Being a Captain is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 10) by Carole P Roman Illustrator Bonnie Lemair Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Date of publish: December 2015 Pages: 60 Recommended Ages: 5-8 Buy Links:                Book Links:     Captain No Beard is determined to travel to Dew Rite Volcano. He won’t listen when Mongo predicts a storm or Linus indicates…

5 More Questions with Art Rosch

Today I am sharing 5 new questions with Arthur Rosch. He visited the blog a few months ago with Confessions of an Honest Man and he is back today with The Road has Eyes: An RV, a Relationship and a Wild Ride. The Road has Eyes is currently ‘In The Spotlight’

It’s Monday! Time to take over the world…Maybe?

Internet equipment and health issues are keeping me from posting in any kind of regular manner at the moment. It is my intention to get to everyone, I know some of you have been waiting for a long while. I appreciate each and everyone of you and am doing my best to get back on track.

Product Review: Purifyou All-Natural Air Purifier and Diaper Pail Deodorizer

“… SUPERIOR FILTERS: Utilizing activated carbon technology, our eco-friendly air purifiers come from the finest non-toxic natural and moso bamboo (a biodegradable and highly renewable resource). They consist of large-shaped porous granules, and a 99.99% nitrogen purity level, maximizing odor elimination and not just masking odors like so many other deodorizers available today. …”

Book Review and Giveaway: Clouds in My Coffee (The Country Club Murders) (Volume 3)

“When Ellison Russell is nearly killed at a benefactors’ party, she brushes the incident aside as an unhappy accident. But when her house is fire-bombed, she’s shot at, and the person sitting next to her at a gala is poisoned, she must face facts. Someone wants her dead. But why? And can Ellison find the killer before he strikes again? …”

Release Promo and Giveaway: A Son of Carver

Due to mature language and content, A Son of Carver is intended for readers

“Sometimes the best version of yourself is the one you can only see through someone else’s eyes.
But what happens when those eyes belong to the one person you don’t want them to? … “