It is so amazing to see this blog still up and running.

Early in May I got new medications and while they helped immensely with the chronic pain I live with, I was having a devil of a time dealing with the side effects. It turned out not to be side effects but actually new health issues which landed me back at the doctor and completely incommunicado for several weeks. This is the first time I have turned my computer on in how long, I don’t even know.



I am back! Not up to full speed and frankly I probably won’t be for some time to come.  I will be taking on fewer tours and spacing reviews out further. It means I post less often, but hopefully it means I can get posts done.

Please bear with me as I see who I have missed and try to not get further behind. I have several thousand emails and Twitter is going to take me at least a week to go through all by itself. I have never been this popular! How did that happen?   I don’t know whether to brag or crawl back into bed and hide beneath the covers.





Finally, my internet issues:

It would seem that connecting to the internet is going to be an issue for me until I move on to the next place, which could be weeks or months depending on how long this current project lasts. I don’t have as many options around here to go to an outside source, as I have done in the past. I just don’t know when I will lose access in the middle of a post or how long the outage will last. As a result, I will have to cut back even further to make sure I can meet my obligations.

I beg for patience! I appreciate each and every one of you and the stories you write!!