Today I woke up depressed because the leadership in my country has gone effing insane, but it is May The Fourth so I will not stay that way, let the fun begin:


Our local library does Star Wars Day in September because they cannot even get a booking with the cos players in May but it always a great time for everyone especially the littles, which sadly I don’t have anymore (as my teen is constantly reminding me). The above picture will always be my all time favorite. It is totally unscripted. Each kid got three photos with the group and it was total freestyle. My boy was on his third pic and had been fairly traditional and then at the last second he turned to aim for Artoo and everyone else instantly aimed for him and our poor Jedi princess apparently didn’t get the memo.  Talk about hilarity. The whole place roared. He didn’t even notice, but the shot was awesome.

Here are some more fun pics from previous Star Wars Days:

And yes this Stormtrooper was actually standing in line for an ice cream