I Read Kid's Books Journal

First Day Jitters
Written by Julie Danneberg
Illustrated by Judy Love
Rec Ages 6-9

First Day JittersSarah, Jane Hartwell does not want to go to the first day of school. She is new and she doesn’t know anyone. Mr. Hartwell does a good job to convince her to get moving anyway, and a meeting with the principal when she gets to school helps to smooth the way to a delightfully fun ending.

Everyone, at some point, has felt this way about the first day whether they were new or not. Danneberg has a witty talent for capturing the classroom in a way that makes it accessible and fun for kids and parents alike. It should be noted that the lovely twist at the end of this book had my 15-year-old guffawing for minutes, I can imagine how much fun second graders could have with it. As always Judy Love’s brilliantly colorful illustrations…

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