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tuesday 10

Regina Puckett is an award-winning author with books spanning many genres. Her books for kids are delightfully illustrated and often carry the themes of anti-bullying, friendship, and tolerance for differences. Below, in no particular order, are ten of her children’s books, all of which are destined to be a favorite of your Pre-K to early sight reader.

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Dinosaur Arms
Dinosaur Arms*

Every day at recess, the butterflies bully and make fun of the other animals and insects. No one knows how to make them stop until a storm blows in and changes everything for the better.

The Monster under the Bed The Monster Under The Bed *

Everyone is always afraid there’s a monster under the bed, but what if it isn’t the monster that’s the problem, but the little boy on top of it?

All Little Monster wants is a good night’s sleep, but that annoying little…

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